Meet the Inventor

Roger Kammeyer, pictured with his new friend and rescue dog Ringo, in the garden at RWK Solutions, LLC headquarters in Concordia, Missouri.  Purple Martin birdhouses in the background.

Roger Kammeyer is married to his high school sweetheart Ellsbeth.  They live a stone's throw away (maybe two or three now), from his boyhood home in Concordia, Missouri.

This small farming community in the western part of the state instilled hard work, common sense, and was full of characters.  Fifty years ago, you would normally find these characters at Roger's Barber Shop, telling stories, and as it turns out now, making them.Between haircuts, Roger could normally be found wrapping a fishing rod or making lures.

His constant "tinkering" kept his mind and hands busy, and still does. It was during this time that Roger probably invented the buzz bait, a topwater lure to catch bass, but didn't pursue a patent.  He fashioned the blade from an old "lunch bucket" he had found during an excursion to the dump. He transformed The Lunch Bucket into an inline lure that will still outfish any buzz bait. (This is not only our opinion, but that of many fish)

The combination of the "hippie revolution" and $2.00 haircuts made Roger consider a career move.  While Ellsbeth kept her daycare business thriving, aptly earning the moniker "Mama Ell" from half the kids in town, Roger went to work as a sales rep. for a food brokerage company.  The work was steady with benefits, such as finding that the "use by date" on food is merely a suggestion, and that dents on cans don't change the flavor of soup.

The stress of sales quotas made Roger consider yet another career move. Life insurance sales, surely there would be no stress there.  Within a few years, Roger had a territory that included his home town and surrounding area.  His office was right across the street from his old barber shop and he did well as he was instantly credible and trustworthy to his clientele.  Roger retired in the Spring of 1999, but his tinkering continued.

It was sometime after retirement that a good friend had acquired a small wooden stool that he used in the garden.  It sat atop a standard five gallon bucket and left access to the bucket to put picked green beans.  He gave one to Roger.  He used it in his garden, liked it, and decided it would make a great fishing seat.  The only problem was that it took one hand to carry the bucket and another to carry the stool.  Roger went to his shop, solution in mind.  Building another stool, he took his router and recessed the edge of the seat to fit into the bucket.  Upside down, it now fit as a lid, freeing up a hand to carry gear....The Original Bucket Stool™ was born.

Roger made stools in his shop for over ten years.  People bought them for gardening, hunting, fishing, baseball/softball, chores, and especially as gifts at Christmas time.  After selling several hundred in and around his community, and reflecting back on missed opportunity with the Lunch Bucket, Roger decided he wanted a patent on his bucket list...pun intended.  He applied for and was issued a patent in July of 2015.  RWK Solutions, LLC is located in Concordia, Missouri, and proud to be identified by it's core product, The Original Bucket Stool™, which is now manufactured from plastic in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

Roger just turned 79, so he can't do everything he used to.  But, thanks to the Bucket Stool™, he can still tinker in his shop, work in his garden, and shorten the life expectancy of many fish.  Roger lives with the same wife, on the same block he was raised, and his last job was right across the street from where he started.  So, some might say he literallly didn't go far in life.  That's just fine with Roger, he wouldn't have it any other way.