Ever sit on a bucket?  Introducing the Original Bucket Stool™.  This handy, sturdy little stool turns your average 3.5 and 5 gallon bucket into a COMFORTABLE place to sit AND you still have access to the bucket.  So, if you are working in the garden, put picked produce or pulled weeds, right in the bucket.  Catch a fish and put it in the bucket.  Wild pitch?  Grab another ball..all while seated.

Keep hunting gear, detailing supplies, tools or refreshments right in the bucket that doubles as a seat or side table.  When you are done, so you have a free hand to carry gear, flip the stool over for a lid.  Whether you like to garden, hunt, fish, camp, home projects, tailgate, sports, or just need a comfy place to sit, you'll love The Original Bucket Stool™...a place to sit, where your stuff can fit.

Check out our solutions page for more information and meet Roger, the inventor.

Cost savings tip from the Bucket Stool™ team:
Most customers end up buying multiple units or coming back for more.  The more you buy, the more you save on the price per Bucket Stool™.  Save now and get Bucket Stools for your B.S.F.s (bucket sitting friends).  They make great gifts!