About Us

It was early September and I was about 14.  A small group, on a father and son dove hunt, had gathered on a pond dam.  Someone had downed a bird which had fallen into the pond, about ten feet from bank.  A gentle breeze at the hunters' backs would soon put the dove well out of reach.  As the group discussed options, in strode my dad.

Without saying a word, he purposely parted the crowd with his broad shoulders.  When he got to the pond's edge, he swiftly chopped down a willow sapling...with two shots from his 20 gauge.  The top of the tree conveniently  landed meer inches from the source of the problem.

He picked up the tree, raking the bird to the pond's edge.  He bumped his way back through the crowd, and away he went, another problem solved.  As the fathers looked at each other saying "why didn't we think of that", my friends turned and said, "your dad is so cool". 

Thank you for visiting our new online store.  My dad is Roger W. Kammeyer,  the namesake of our company, RWK Solutions, LLC, which he formed in the fall of 2014.  We are a family-owned business in Concordia, Mo.  We love spending time in God's creation, especially fishing, hunting and working in the garden.

When we're doing things outside, it always seems that one way or another, a bucket is involved.  That's why we use and sell The Original Bucket Stool™.  It makes the things we enjoy doing easier and much more comfortable.

The greatest asset we have are satisfied customers, so visit again, give us feedback and please refer family and friends.

Thank You and God Bless,

Jim Kammeyer

Jim Kammeyer, Vice President of RWK Solutions, maker of The Original Bucket Stool™

P.S. Learn more about my "cool" dad here